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Twa Leids

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 6th March, 2008,
to the tune for "Waachlin' Hame".

There are mony keerious wirdies in the doric,
Gin it's ainly correck English thit ye spik;
Sae fan I am rhymin tae ye,
An ye canna oonerstan me,
Ye'd better lairn ma langidge verra quick.
Cause the binders thit I'm screevin in the doric
Are maist affen vreetin doon tae mak ye blythe;
Gin ye dinna oonerstan me,
It wull shairly be a peety,
Bein blin tae loats ameesin things in life.

Bit noo dinna ye be stairtin fae a beukie,
Cause yer luggies nae yer eenies lairn ye hoo;
An foryet aa scutt'rin grammar,
Hearken tent'ly fyles fowks yammer,
An richt seen ye'll be speerin, 'Fit-like, noo'?
Fan repleein they micht spik fit soonds lik blickers,
Bit syne dinna ye be slaa tae smile an say,
"Och I canna oonerstan ye,
It'd be guid gin ye wid help me,
As we ken Rome wisnae biggit in ain day."

Ye wull notice fair fyow phrases in the doric
Are noo eesin some Queen's English wirds a lot,
Cause us heilanders bein clivver,
Lairnt mair leid nor fae ilk ither,
For weel we kent thit 'ken-hoo' wins the jot.
Sae gin ye are gaen tae deece doon here aside us,
Syne acceppit as a wirthy teuchter cheil,
Ye wull collogue in baith tungies,
Bein ivver faar the sillar is,
Tae airn ye mair nor jist peer milk an meal.

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