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Davy's Dool Veesions

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 23rd March, 2008
to music from Utada Hikaru's "Love Song"

Jenny's heeld nar Davy's hert sae luvinly ...
Thochts o' days o' yore are iver in myne;
As aleen upoan the wauk-ways o' dool sindershun years,
He's ainly gat veesions, o' guid times hid lang syne ...
Jenny bides mang his luv-wirds o' minstrelsy,
Fan the speerits in him meeve a wee ...
Note by note upoan the keyboard o' lang curduddoch oors,
Bit ainly, mair hertbrak, div sich aye-gie.

English Translation:- (Not as lyrics)

Jenny's held near Davy's heart so lovingly
Thoughts of days gone by are ever in his mind
As alone upon the walkways of sad separate years
He's only got visions of good times had long ago
Jenny resides in his love words of minstrelsy
When the spirits move in him a little
Note by note upon the keyboard of long hours of separation
But this always only brings him more heartbreak

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