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Jean an John

Lyrics composed in Doric and English by John Henderson on the 7th April, 2008
to J. Scott Skinner's 1895 tune for the fiddle, called 'Cradle Song'.

"Come, och come ye, Hivv'nly Faither,
Come intae oor hame the nicht;
Ower ma aye faithfu gweedwife
Stan gaird oontil the mornin's licht.
Noo ma bonnie Jean, ma Princess,
Rist ye frae the ulls ye bear;
Slep weel in a dreamless-pyneless dairkness,
Saft comforted wi Gweed's ain care."
Bit whan cam the mornin's dawnin,
Stillness crept athort Jean's face;
Jist pirr-winnies soughin doucely
Disturbed the seelence o thon place.
Frae thur mairrage hame lang syne noo,
Gaed John's ainly Luve thit day;
Droonin in the doolsome-daithly river,
Intae her ain infinity.


Another version in English :-

Jean and John

"Come, oh come ye, Heav'nly Father,
Enter here our home tonight;
Over my beloved sweetheart
Stand guard until comes morning light.
Oh my lovely Jean, my Princess,
Rest now from the ills you bear;
Sleep well in a dreamless pain-free darkness,
Soft comforted with God's own care."

But when came the morning's dawning,
Stillness crept across Jean's face;
Only breezes breathing gently
Disturbed the silence of that place.
From their happy home forever,
Went John's one true Love away;
Crossing o'er the dreary-fateful river,
To enter her infinity.

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