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Nae Mair Whusky

Lyrics by John Henderson on 15th April, 2008 to an unidentified midi tune.

Brief Introductory Music .....

Ilka mornin, cam the dawnin,
Heid aye bizzen, jings an crivvens,
Fit wis tae be deen fur peer auld me?

Fit a daftie, hivin naftie,
Doonin doobles, scoofin treeples,
Ah'd tae chynge ma haibits or Ah'd dee.

Thochts aye a guddle, sich a muddle,
Ah cud barely stan;
Ay things wur fairly gittin oot o han.

NOO! It is nae mair whusky for me,
Jist - strang - bleck cuppies o' tea.
Fan Ah ging oot wi the lads tae the club,
Ainly Adam's Wine gits nar ma gub.
Ay it is nae mair whusky for me,
An Ah come hame bricht as can be,
Wi sillar in ma pooches, an a lichtness o' stap,
Abstainin's shair a fedder tae pit in ma flat cap;
Ay-ay-ay-ay nae mair whusky for me,
Gien me a puckle langer till Ah maun dee!

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