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Tak Tent An Bide A Wee

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on 28th June, 2008,
to Nathaniel Shilkret's tune for the 1928 song,
"Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time."

Braw Jean ma hert is set oan ye;
Yir een they're fair beguilin me;
Yir dazzlin smile,
An chiks kindlin lik a rase
Tho' maist the fyle
Ye tak dylt-an-daffin ways.
Braw quine Ah kep oan howpin sair,
Yin day for me ye'll come tae care
For me alane,
Wi luv thit'll nivver wane;
Och Jean, Ah dream o life wi ye.

Weel John ma hert's been naebody's,
For Ah ken thit luv seldom drees;
Loons oglin een,
An tungs as smeeth as is silk,
Tae me hiv been
Raik-lads fa jist wint tae pilk.
Bit gin ye tak yir time wi me,
Yin day for ye Ah micht weel be,
Yir jo alane,
Wi luv thit'll nivver wane;
Sae John, tak tent an bide-a-wee.

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