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A doric parody composed by John Henderson on the 26th July, 2008
to Max Rich's 1913 music for the song, 'Smile, Darn-Ya Smile'

Introductory Music

Let's aa git thegither wi ae thocht clair in mynd,
Mak this warl a muckle brichter place;
Bid ilk scunner an fell mainer ye ivver find,
"Dang-ye, dicht thon froon richt aff yir face."

"Lauch, come oan, lauch,
Ye ken oor auld warl is a graun warl efter aa.
Lauch, come oan, lauch,
For ye hiv nivver deed a winter yit ava.
Ulls are nae as bleck as they're aft pinted,
Mak shair ye an joy git weel acquinted.
Och, jings an gosh,
Come oan an lauch, dang-ye, lauch."

"Ful up the warl,
Wi smiles an lood hoots o yir lauchter ilka oor;
Thon's fit tae dae,
An Gweed abeen wull shairly len ye muckle pooer;
Faces lang an glowers dour are scutters,
Ainly shuited aye tae bide in gutters;
Waash thon aa doon,
Alloo loats lauchs caa the tune."

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