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City Of The Rock

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 8th of September, 2008
to part of Dick Black's 'Killarney Waltz' - Tribute to Angus Fitchet.

When I look down from 'Gowan Hill'
O'er the winds of the 'Forth',
I gaze long but much further still
At 'Bens' to the North;
Then more East-ward I scan ev'ry ridge
Of the 'Ochils' fair;
Fitting back--drop to Wallace's bridge,
And his craggy statue's stare.

Stirling Castle gives sight
Of where 'The Bruce' stood firm;
Using Scots' might
To win at 'Bannockburn';
Yes of all such mem'ries
I'm never loathe to talk,
For they call to mind proud history
Of my 'City on the Rock'.

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