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A Ballanter Fae Scone

Lyrics about the 1850s in Scotland, composed by John Henderson
on the 14th of September, 2008 to part of John M. Mason's arrangement of,
'Ballanter of Bon Accord'.

A ballanter fae Scone ...
Jenny gaed tae Bon Accord;
Bit fun thase in thon toon,
Grippit tichtly in poortith's haud.
"Ma broadside hawkin hereaboots
Micht fa oan stany grun;
Gin Ah'm gaen tae git their sympathy,
Thon screev'd ballants maun be sung."
Thon wis hoo braw Jenny cairrit-oan,
In verse, an rhyme, an wird ...
Tae herten mony peer fowks,
In the toon o Bon Accord.

A ballad singer from Scone ... (sounded Scoon)
Jenny went to Bon Accord; (Aberdeen)
But found those in that town,
Gripped tightly in poverty's hold.
"My poem-sheet selling hereabouts
Might fall on stony ground;
If I'm going to get their sympathy,
These written ballads must be sung."
That was how fine Jenny carried-on,
In verse and rhyme and word ...
To hearten many poor folks,
In the town of Bon Accord.

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