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The Wee Hoose Oan Its Lane

(The Small House On Its Own)

A poem by John Henderson composed on the 16th of September, 2008.

The wee hoose oan its lane leuk'd sae dool
Nar the side o a weel girssit ley;
For nae lum steed up prood oan its reef,
An its wa's wur aa fair barkit grey.

The sclait-reef oan its tap leuk'd spleet new
Wi guid reyn-gutters siccar aa roon,
Bit nae gless shawed up in its windae
Fyle its door hid a bore cut laich doon.

Gin yon wa's hid a vyce fur tae spik,
Fu mony a story they cud spoot;
For maist wa's hiv sherp een an lugs,
An elephants' mem'ries tae boot.

Mebbe fuspers o jos fa aft fun
Thon quait neuk jist graun for thur trysts;
Anse lang syne peer auld cottar-fowks
Fa'd coont the baw-bees in thur kists.

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