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Garred Tae Lea Hame For Aye

[One victim out of about sixteen thousand from the Sutherland Highland Clearances, 1810-1820]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of September, 2008
to Tito Mattei's 'Non E Ver'.

Hedder growes and wul hulls stan ivver in ma braw mither-lan;
Bit Ah ken I'll ne'er tryst mair wi ma Scottish kin an freens ow'r there.
Lang syne Ah wis garred tae lea an sail athort the western sea;
Thon wis roch an teuk muckle tholin, bit syne t'wis sodger-oan or dee!

The USA an new life tae be weil biggit up,
Nae mains or grains - a chiel maun wirk tae airn an sup;
Year oan year an hame foryat,
Bit nae ma paarents an siblins an aa bairns they've begat.
Aa oot o sicht,
Bit nae o myn;
Ay oot o sicht,
Bit nae o myn.

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