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Scotland's Bonnie Broom

Scotland's Bonnie Broom {Adapted into NE Scotland Doric}
James A. Sidey. Illustrations by Charles A. Doyle and John Smart.
Mistura curiosa: Being a Higgledy-piggledy of Comic, Serious and Sentimental Odds & Ends.
Edinburgh: Maclachlan and Stewart, 1886.
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There's mony, mony fairy sichts
In ither climes I've seen,
An mony a bonnie flower I've pu'd,
Wi' aa its rich perfume;
Bit naething yit has cheered ma hert,
In aa the lans I've been
Lik the bonnie draps o yellow gowd
Oan Scotland's bonnie broom.

I mynd fu weel in days gane by
Fan callants wul we ran,
Puin the bonnie gowans,
An the scented hawthorn's bloom;
Hoo aft wis hushed oor merry lauch,
Fan we hard the lintie's sang
'Mang the bonnie draps o yellow gowd
Oan Scotland's bonnie broom.

Tae aa my kith and kin,
An ma freens o auld lang syne,
Lik wallant leaves they've passed awa
An sleep in-by a tomb;
An tho I'm left ma lane,
Yet I dearly luve tae gaze
Oan the bonnie draps o yellow gowd
Oan Scotland's bonnie broom.

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