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Scotland's Byways Are Full Of Surprises

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 7th of December, 2008
to Karen Jurewicz' playing of the 1924 tune called 'Evening Shadows'.

Nows highways are long and relentless
As they run straight-on for mile after mile;
Oft I wonder where ev'ryone's going,
And why nobody there seems to smile.
But byways are full of surprises,
As I twist and turn in low gear,
And notice midst hillocks and hollows
Why the country brings much welcome cheer.

I'd much rather walk, or ride a bike,
Than motor anyday;
I'd miss so much from nature's gift,
When speeding in that way.
With picnic spots neath shady trees
By clear-rivers' icy delights
There's time to breathe and take my ease
And set my world to rights.

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