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Begeck [Disappointment]

John Henderson composed this lyrical parody of William Train's 1840 song, 'The Cauld, Cauld Winter's Gane', on the 5th of November, 2008, to Dick Black's Scottish Country Dance Band's playing of 'Bonnie Boy'.

Tho' the cauld winter's gane, Jean,
'Twis bitter an fair snell,
Bit the spring his come aince mair, Jean
Tae deck yon leesome dell;
The buds hiv birst oan trees, Jean;
The bird sang's braw;
Bit sae sair's been ma dool hert,
Sin ye hiv been awa.

Syne I thocht time wid flee, Jean,
As in the days gane by;
Bit aye I'v mynded ye, Jean,
Oor pairtin an fit-wye;
Bit Och! thase langsome oors, Jean,
Ye bein awa
Hiv brocht me nocht bit dool, Jean,
An little howp ava.

Ay ma wae's sair tae thole, Jean,
Tho' losses cheils maun dree,
Bit nae wi'oot begeck, Jean,
An saut tears in the e'e;
E'en yit the ulls o life, Jean,
Tae joys be sma,
I shair prig ye'll come back, Jean,
Nae mair tae ging awa.

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