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The Dairyman

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 26th of November, 2008
to Karl Hoschna's 1908 music for 'Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine'.
Played here by Jim Bottorff.

Dov'rin in ma cheer as eeswal,
Myndin canty days gane by,
I cud see the quines I'd daff'd wi -
A guid-time loon wis I;
Till yin day I thocht, "Ye're glaikit;
Fin yersel the teen for life;
Yin wha'll weel ken hoo tae thole ye,
As a dairyman's guid wife."

Nan-cy wis the ferst I speer'd bit she said, "NAE !"
Sad-ie wis the neist bit och she tee said, "NAE !"
Syne I wis refeesed by Sally;
She jist winted tae be pally;
Nane frae oot a wheen - ma tally;
Wae wis me!

Mairr-age seemed tae me nae lickly ony day;
Mair-quines I aft speer'd bit aa repleed "NAE WAY!"
Syne ain morn the Weeda Mary,
Cam ow'r seekin her canary
Thit wis chirmin in ma dairy -
- She wad me!

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