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Entente Cordiale!

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 22nd of January, 2009,
to Jack Wells' 1917 music for the song, 'Joan of Arc, They are Calling You'.

Cotters ejected,
Banished, rejected,
Grimly we curse as we grieve;
Evicted, forsaken,
Hearts cold and aching,
Gone are our hopes of reprieve;
Crops and cattle all burned -
Pleas and pledges spurned -
Where for succour can we turn?

God in Heav'n!
Friends in France,
Do your eyes from afar see this wrong?
Do you see lost homeless Highlanders?
Do you hear the laughs of land-owners?
God in Heav'n!
Friends in France,
Please lend strength to guide us through -
The perils that we've all to face,
In our search for new lives as our due.

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