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Fit Wye Tae Ging?

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of March, 2009
to part of Albert Ketelbey's 'Sanctuary of The Heart'.

Wull we feen'lly bide in Gargunnock;
Its hulls an its linns sae braw;
Its kirk oan the brae stannin doucely;
Its yaird thit's a-wytin ae an aa?
We've gaed aff tae bide faar tis waarmer
Sooth-East in a fremmit lan,
An Inch faar the sin sheens-bricht maist ilka day,
An the sicht o the sea's fair gran.

Noos vyces fae Scotland jist fusper;
Bit syne they micht looder caa,
Tho' thochts o its fell-mochie wedder,
Mak us say, "Fit wye tae ging ava!"
Bit veesits shair gie us graun pleesur
Fan bein wi' oor freens an kin;
Bit bidin for aye, wi nae rale simmer time,
Micht be risks nae ow'r wyce tae rin!

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