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Fell Wedder

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 15th of March, 2009
to Rudolph Friml's 1913 music for 'The Bubble'.

The thunner an lichtnin naarhan;
The tap tirned oan by Gweed's han;
Aa three brocht tribble laist nicht,
As we aa kent sich micht.
The thunner fair shoogled hoose waas,
Lichtnin surged tae the grun;
Reyn seen hid the roddies aa fu,
Fyle oor storm ... raged oan.

Begone! ... begone!
Ye scunners frae oot o' the lift;
Blaw win! ...blaw win!
An feenish richt seen thons' fell shift.
Anse Gweed ... tak heed,
An tirn aff the tap an the pooer;
Syne endin fit's aye fur yin an aa
Sich dool tae .... endure.

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