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Fit A Waistry

[What A Waste]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 31st of May, 2009
to an Australian war-time tune, 'Yarrawonga'.

Short Introductory Music

Och ma gudeman wis a sodger fan war brak-oot in neenteen-theerty-neen,
An he hid tae ging tae fecht it faur fae hame in oor Aiburdeen;
Feerst naarhan droonin at Dunkirk, bein an owerladen stirk;
Sich a richt stramash as yon ye've nivver seen;
Bit he wan-oot wha kens hoo, an fun a boatie thit gat through
Tae Blighty, syne neist, Aibur-deen.

Losh ma lad wis licky bit he hud tae ging oan fechtin
Fur sax years swate an tears
Fur the loss o' his billies he wudnae mair see,
An the corpses o' Germans he hid garred tae dee;
"Fit a waistry o' guid fowks, cos a gyte-chiel winted poo'r !"
He'd meen fur oor efter oor efter oor.

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