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Snoozin' an' Dreamin'

Lyrics composed by 'auld' John Henderson on the 15th September, 2009
to Van Alstyne, Schmidt and Curtis' 1925 music for the song 'Drifting and Dreaming'.

Och I am ...
Myn-din' ma youth-heid
As auld fowks dae;
Mon-y a freen geen,
Sich maks me wae.
Bit syne I re-caa,
Tho' I maun murn,
They fesh graun mem'ries
O' aa thon fun.

Ma pins are stoon-din';
Guid lichts I've nae;
Jist lik this in-gine,
I fecht ilk brae;
Sae in ma airm-cheer,
Eas-dom I fin;
Snoo-zin' an dream-in',
Fyle ithers rin.
youthheid = youth
fowks = folks
mony = many
freen = friend
sich = such
bit = but
syne = then
recaa = recall
geen = gone
wae = sad
maun = must
murn = mourn
fesh = bring
graun = grand
thon = that
pins = legs
stoondin' = aching
lichts = lungs
ingine = engine (train)
ilk = each
brae = slope
airm-cheer = armchair
easdom = ease
fin = find
snoozin' = light sleeping
ithers = others
rin = run

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