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Fit A Soss [What A Mess]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 9th of November, 2009,
to Jerome Kern's music for the song, 'Till The Clouds Roll By'.

The nicht lift ..... ow'r oor scaar-tap kirkton
Heeld coorse bleck cloods, mony fell-flachts tee;
The hivvens thunner'd, an maist o' us wonner'd
Gin we wid live, or, dee?
Sae we coor'd doon, in oor cots sae dweeble,
Bidin saff, mebbe fae Gweed's wraith;
Wid He spare us ? Fowks jist peer an hoomble,
Tho' strang in ... the ... Faith.

Syne the reyns cam .... an they drookit, droonit
Aa oor craps, ripe an redd fur maw'n;
Hames wur weesht-oot, yit the reyns aye skaled-oot
Och fit a nicht, till, dawn.
Bit we coor'd oan, wi' oor hames in waater,
Sypit weet, oorlich, at a loss;
Till wi first-licht, we gaed oot tae lown-ness
An fun fit ... a ... soss!

nicht = night
lift = sky
scar = cliff
fell = dangerous
flachts = flashes
coor = cower
cot = cottage
dweeble = feeble
wraith = wrath
peer = poor
hoomble = humble
drookit = soaked
droonit = drowned
craps = crops
maw = mow
weesht = washed
skaled = spilled
sypit = soaking
oorlich = miserable
lown = calm
soos = mess

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