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Tryst In The Hedder

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 8th of November, 2009
to Al. W. Brown's music for 'I Want To Go To The Ball-Game'.

Brief Musical Introduction

Sandy MacLaurin an braw Mae MacSporran
Wur guid jos ah'll hiv ye tae ken,
Fan nicht-time wis faa'in oan her he'd ging caa'in
Oot-bye o her wee but-an-ben;
He'd say,"This gloamin is gran fur us roamin
The hedder afore cuddlin doon."
Her broon e'en wid spirkle an she'd gie a giggle
Syne dince alangside her loo'd loon.

Aff they wid rin doon the waakie,
Ilk nae gawky,
Ilk aye lauchy;
Han in han they'd flee thegither
Ow'r burns they'd wheech lik dist;
Baith kenned the grun wi its hedder,
Mony a biel an aft bane-dry's weel
Oonless reyn cam poorin, or wins whang'd loats stoor in
Tae spile their saff tryst.

Ae nicht fan thunner wis rummlin,
They wur cuddlin,
Fan richt-sudden,
Lichtnin flachts claise tae thur neukie
Seen pit them in a flaff.
Priggin tae Gweed tae hiv mercy,
Sandy heeld Mae hoo loo'ers maun dae,
Oontil she stapp'd shakin,
An the storm rage wis brakin,
An they baith wur saff.

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