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Hairst At The Frew

Thinking back to holiday harvesting in Kippen in the 1970s,
John Henderson has composed the following lyrics ....

Brief introductory music ....

The hairst at the Frew his been hinnert by reyns,
Bit noo wi stooks dry, they're gien it a try;
The swate oan ilk warker is poorin in shoo'rs,
Whilk it disna fan tentin kye!

As the sin sheens aa day wi'oot mercy,
It is thrist mair than sair hans gies peyn;
Nae cloods in the lift mak chiels wonner gif
They shudna prig fur mair reyn!
Fan it's noon-time aa stap-aff fur denner
Wi gran swallies o' thrist-slockin bree;
Seen its heft graips aince mair, an kep stackin e'en sair
Till sin draps doon-wast tae dee.

As the mists o' the gloamin dreeft doucely
Ow'r the carse frae the hulls up abeen,
They fusper tae chiels new back frae the fields,
Gie thenks thit yir darg's aa deen."
In the cots o' the kirkton ilk faimly
Aets thur brose as they've been sterv'd ow'r lang;
Syne aa sattle weel-met by the bricht inglie's het,
Whaur ma'am chirms bairns' bedtime sang.

JH - 27th November, 2009

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