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Fin A Wullin Cushie

[Find A Willing Pigeon]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 18th of January, 2010
to H. Pitman Clarke's 1921 music for the song, 'Swanee River Moon'.

Dan a luv-sik doo, hich up amang the brenches,
Leukin fur a mate,
Comin in his gate;
Saw yin flee-oan-by fyle seekin aacht fur aetin;
Sae Dan preen'd his fedders makin them leuk naet,
Neist chirm'd, "Come reest by me,
An I'll tak tent o' ye."

Limmer-ye, Dan-Doo," girned back Dot-Doo gee,
Fit-wye coort the likes o' me ? "
Bit croose Dan repleed,
"Ye chirm richt weel indeed,
An ye soond lik a gey smert cushie!
Let's ging bill an coo,
Ma wee sherp-tung'd doo,
An we jist micht fin oot far
We cud be saff-hoosed, ye'll hiv jaloosed,
Fur the gogs o' Dot-Dan-Doo!"

Aff wi ye, Dan-Doo,"scraichit Dot mair gee,
I'll nae flee aroon wi ye;
I'll bide wi Dick-Doo,
The ainly yin I'll loo,
Sae ye'll hiv tae fin a wullin cushie!"
Dan bein fair pit-oot
Gied a scunnert hoot
Flaff'd aff syne tae seek anither.
An thon is forbye, aye jist fit-wye
Lanely doos main-oan ilk morn.

Dan a love-sick pigeon high up in the branches
Looking for a wife
Coming in his direction
Saw one flying past looking for anything for eating
So Dan preened his feathers making them look neat
Next sang, "Come alight beside me,
And I'll take care of you."

"You rascal, Dan-Doo, whined back Dot-Doo sullenly,
Why are you courting the likes of me ?"
But cheeky Dan replied,
"You sing right well indeed
And you sound like a pretty smart pigeon
Let's go and sweet talk and kiss
My little sharp-tongued pigeon
And we just might find out where
We could safely nest, you'll have realised,
For the fledgelings of Dot-Dan-Doo."

"Away with you Dan-Doo, screeched Dot more angrily,
I'll not fly around with you
I'll stay with Dick-Doo
The only one I love
So you'll have to find a willing pigeon."
Dan being quite put-out
Gave a disgusted hoot
Fluttered off then to seek another.
And that is, by-the-by, always why
Lonely pigeons moan-on each morning.

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