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Smachrie 'Frangos'

['Frangos' are especially sweet assorted chocolates made in the USA]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 1st of January, 2010,
to F. Spielman and J. Torre's 1960s song, 'Paper Roses'.

There's naithin like a Frango wi yer coffee;
Its smachrie taste aye maks yer knashers grin;
Fur they've nae wirk tae dae afore ye swally,
An sen the melted bits 'wa doon wi'in.

Smachrie Frangos, Smachrie Frangos,
Fit's intult them's nae doot fair unique;
Bit yield nivver, tae temptation,
Tae tak lots at aince micht mak ye seek!

Ain day I thocht thit I cud scoof a dizzen;
Sae oan an oan I popped them in ma mou;
Nae tribble syne an neist I ate ma denner,
Bit cam the efterneen I'd cause tae rue.

See thase Frangos, temptin Frangos,
Fit's intult is nae doot fell unique;
Sae yield nivver, tae temptation;
Aetin lots at aince wull mak ye seek!

Ay aet lots at aince an ye'll be seek!

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