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Biggins An Fowks

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 29th of March, 2010,
to the 1956 music for 'Old Cape Cod' by Rothrock, Yakus and Jeffrey.

Gif ye ken some stories frae times lang syne
O' Scotia's biggins an fowks ow'r time,
Ye're shair tae wint tae veesit Stirling toon.

Feerst ye'd tour the castle whaur Keengs did bide;
Leuk-oot aa ower braw kwintryside;
Bens, Carse an Forth thit hich-clim, streetch an wind.

Wallace is a name ye micht hae hard,
Winnin battles an him nae a Lord;
Oan the Abbey Crag he aye stans gaird
Tae mynd aa Scots o' toons an brigs .... he saved ...

Gif ye spen some time there, ye'll wiss tae bide;
Cosy an lernin nar ma hairth-side;
Wi bonnie Scotland aa yours tae roam wide.

Repeat .... wi guid speerit !

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