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('Meiklewood', The Cricket Ground of Gargunnock Village, Scotland)

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of June, 2010,
to Vincent Rose and Al Jolson's 1921 chorus music for their song, 'Avalon'.

Ay !
I mynd lang syne at Meiklewid, wi bat, an baa;
I wirked fur years at Meiklewid, syne gaed, awa;
I left ma hert at Meiklewid, as aa gruns-men shid;
The girse an oaks aye in guid tid at Meiklewid.

The eve'nin sin at Meiklewid, ayon, compare;
The shaddas cast at Meiklewid, the munelicht there, a sicht sae rare;
Ma pom-pom's soonds roon Meiklewid, sae lood, an clair;
Sich mem'ries I wull ne'er foryet, an mony mair !

John Henderson

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