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Gargunnock Braw

Lyrics composed by former Dominie at Gargunnock, John Henderson, on the 10th of August, 2010
to Albert Von Tilzer's music for the chorus of his 1915 song, 'My Little Girl'.

Gargunnock braw, ye ken I loo ye,
An the fowks fa bide there tee;
Wee kirkton douce, I dream aboot ye,
E'en ye're thoosans miles fae me;
I see yer carse, I see yer roon hulls
Wi thur ferms fur craps an sheep;
I see The Forth, thit shair as iver
Wimples slawly tae the deep.
Aff tae the Wast, I see Ben Lomond
Far the even sin draps doon;
Aff tae the Nor, the michty Grampians,
Far taps weer a snawy croon;
I see the kirk, I see the schule-yaird,
An its bairns at wirk an play;
Aye aa thase sichts an soonds sae hamely
I mynd clairly day oan day.

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