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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 12th of September, 2010
to Sigmund Romberg's 1917 music for the song 'Will You Remember'.

Introductory Music

Hoo cauld it can be in the Winter, fan Jack Freest is thrang oan the airth;
Bit maist chiels wip up weel an thole it, fyle bairns skite aroon wi graun mirth.
Hoo weet it can be in the Springtime, fan April shoo'rs weelcomely fa
Tae fesh life tae fit growes in ilk gairden,
Sae aa fowks ken .... ... It's winter's en ...

Widder, Widder, Widder,
Ye come at guid Gweed's streck biddin;
Fit comes fae Nor, Sooth, East or West,
We maun accep He kens best,
An sodger oan .... och ...

Widder, Widder, Widder,
E'en tho' ye afen surpreese us,
It wud be fair dreich-lik wi'oot yir gyte sweengs;
Dinna ye, dinna ye chynge!

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