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Climate Change

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 23rd of September, 2010
to a 1920s tune called 'Graceful Dance'.

As Autumn days come along with rustling in the treetops,
And Northlands' sun appears much lower in their skies,
It's Springtime that creeps out from Southlands' wintry ambits,
While there's no change at all for Tropiclands ... Surprise! Surprise?

The seasons of God's making and climatic regions
May now be facing threats from wasteful human use
Of energy from resources getting scarcer daily,
But few concerted efforts have been made to halt abuse!

It is surely high-time nations with cohesion
Found ways of cutting back such greedy selfish acts, foolish acts,
And by directing all their efforts, before it is much much too late,
To needed preservation, of the planet,
In the face of, proven facts,
Or drift to meet their fate !

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