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Hedder-cleadit Hills

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 26th of September, 2010
to a piece of Scottish folk music called, 'Fanny Power'.

Ay, graun's the sea wi its haivin tide,
An bonnie's the plain in its simmertimely pride;
Bit the sea wi its tide, an the plains wi thur rills
Are nivver sae braw as ma hedder-cleadit hills.

An I needna look wye-oot tae the bricht sillerly sea,
An nae muse ow'r muckle lang ow'r the floo'r-happit lea;
Bit my hert fu o' wonner wins nummerless wee thrills,
When I gaze on the rigs o' my hedder-cleadit hills.--

Syne Hurrah! ... Aince mair hurrah! ... fur aa ma hedder-cleadit hills,
Faar the thristles bid 'hulloo' tae aa the smaachrie bluebells,
An the wil mountain spates hyste their crests tae wammlin cloods,
Syne foam doon the braes o' hedder-cleadit hills.

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