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The Veesit

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 30th of September, 2010
to the music for Emma Roberta Steiner's 1855 song, 'I Am Such a Cute Devilish Little Devil'.

quine = a girl ; flaffers = flutters
briers = eyelashes ; plisks = tricks
caa = knock ; caa canny = be careful
Jim speaks to John ....

"She's a bricht bonnie quine is oor Jeannie,
An her blue een can caa fowks' feet awa;
Wi the flaffers she gies wi her briers
Ye'll seen be catchit jist as ithers wur an aa.
Sae caa canny fan ye come here oan a veesit;
She'll wint tae ging oot fur a spin;
Syne afore ye ken weel fit she's daen,
Ye'll fin-oot aa the tribble thit ye're in."

Next day John speaks to all of us .....

"Losh! a bricht bonnie quine wis wee Jeannie,
An her blue een seen caa'd ma feet awa;
Fae the flaffers she gied wi her briers,
I wis seen catchit an me ages wi her pa.
I caa'd canny fan I gaed roon tae her hoosie,
An did-na ging oot oan a spree;
Fur I kent aa the plisks she'd be tryin,
As ma ain wee bairn like her is ainly three!"

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