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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 6th of October, 2010
to Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger's 1942 song, 'Tangerine'.

Atween Don an Dee,
Bigg'd wi brawest granite thit ye'll ivver see;
Oan the Nor-East sea,
Gien fowks graith frae wirk an syne graun easedom tee;
Ging ye seen
Tae grey Aberdeen,
Ye micht fun ilk there sups wi a siller speen!
Weel it airns the name 'Bon Accord',
Fan ilk chiel fa comes frae abroad's
Bid weelcome like a lang-lost freen.

Wi its Norlan Lichts,
Sich a mazin sicht oan mony simmer nichts;
Ivver prood it's been,
Shawin aff its beaches an its streets sae clean;
Mynd tho' seen,
Nar Port Aberdeen,
Ye'll catch guffs frae fish thit micht jist tirn ye green!
Bit frae aa guid things seen an deen,
Fur a city, second tae neen
Ye maun chyse Scotland's Aberdeen?

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