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Myndin Susie

[Remembering Susie]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 24th of January, 2011
to part of Simon Howie's 'Gairloch Waltz'.

Susie dinced tae schule ilk day
Faar she'd coont an read an play;
Screevin tee she did richt weel;
Sich a clivver cheil.

Schule ow'r ... she wud dince back hame at three,
Happy as a lark wis she;
Help her mammy mak the tea;
A douce-lik quinie she.

Efter tea she'd dince some mair,
Waltzin roon aa ow'r the flair;
Meevin blythely in ilk furl;
Sich a lichtsome girl.

Bi echt ... she'd syne dince richt up the stair,
Sweesh her teeth an kame her hair;
Beddit seen she'd hum a sang,
Till sleep it cam ere lang.


dinced = danced : screevin = writing
douce-lik = contented : lichtsome = lively
furl = whirl : sweesh = brush

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