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A Weel-gettit Lad

[A Well-behaved Lad]

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 26th of January, 2011
to Henry Mancini's music for 'The Sweetheart Tree'.

There's a stream in a dream o' ma youtheid
Thit lood-babbled its gate doon Heugh Hull,
Till it cam tae a nook, in Auchteuchatty Wid
Faar it maited a wee trystin peel;
Twis there thit me an ae jo Jeannie
Wid dip oor taes tae cweel them doon,
Syne we'd canoodle aleen till gloamin's saft sheen
Wid seen gie wye tae the lowe o' the mune.

Gif starns an the mune ow'r thit widlan
Cud spik o' fit gaed-oan aft doon-bye,
Aa oor mithers and oor dads micht hae been michty pleesed,
Fur oor daffin wis weel-gettit, ay, och aye!
Tho' like maist I aft-wid-rin efter ithers,
Ill-gettin wis nivver fur me,
Sae fan I bump intae thase quines ony day,
Ilk-yin-I can leuk stracht in the ee.

Tho' like maist lads I wid aft rin fest efter ithers,
Bein ill-gettit wis naw nivver fur me;
An, sae fan I bump intae thase quines ony day
Ilk-yin-I can leuk stracht in the ee.

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