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Mad March 2011

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 10th of March, 2011
to Verne Buck's 1928 music to the song, '
Down Where The Sun Goes Down.

March winds blow, rivers flow
The clouds are all heavy with more snow
Why so, we do not know !
When we think at last, winter's blast
Has spent its strident fury, and the worst is past,
It has not and we're downcast !
Hailstones show'r, snowdrops cow'r,
And crocuses, victims of such pow'r
Bewail this evil hour.
Shiv'ring people too, we turn blue,
And rush to escape fast home although all soaked right through
To curse 'Mad March' anew !
'Oh!, Damn it all', that's our ... call,
Such Springs just bring lots rage and gall
From beings .... large .... and ... small.

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