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Ma Guid Freen

(Lyrics composed by John for a close friend in the USA on 14th December, 2005 to the Irish tune, 'Macushla']

Brief Introductory Music

Verse One

Ma guid freen, ma guid freen,
Yer e-mails keep comin,
Pleesin yer cheena
In wird an in sang.
Ma guid freen, ma guid freen,
I lik yer braw doric;
We're sich leal an troo pals,
Oor freen ... ship's ....aye ....strang.


Verse Two

Ma guid freen, ma guid freen,
Yer fingers tip-tappin,
Fyle screevin yer wee chitters,
Thit int'raist me shair.
Losh I wid be richt doolsome,
Gif bein sich a guid freen,
Ye foryat me an lea'd me
Aa aleen ...syne ... aince mair.


Verse Three

Ma guid freen, ma guid freen,
Bide ye aye hale an herty,
Maist saaf fae life's tribbles,
Anse faist finin keers.
Bide-oan pawky ma guid freen
Fyle we keep up aa oor mailin,
Aye canny an couthy ....
Ye ken fit ....I mean!

Couthy an canny .... Ye shair ken fit .. I mean?

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