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Rise An Sheen

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 30th of May, 2011
to Guy Massey's 1924 music for '
The Prisoner's Song'.

Losh! the sun in the mornin is blithesome;
It maks me wint tae faist 'rise an sheen';
Gif it reyns 'cats an dugs', I tirn ower,
An bide ticht in ma bed till it's deen.

Ma gweedwife ilka morn's bricht an breezy,
Disnae maitter gif the wedder's coorse or nice;
She gings doon an she maks a herty brakfast,
Sae aft times ma porritch-aits are cauld as ice!

Jist as weel I prefar breid an butter,
Aye waash'd doon wi the strang tay I brew;
Nae a sair fecht tae me tae het the byler,
Bit tae scoor porritch-pats gars me grue!

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