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Youth's Happy Days in Stirling, Scotland

Lyrics by John Henderson on the 2nd of June, 2011
to the old Russian folk tune used in the West for the song, '
These Were The Days My Friend'.

Youth's happy days my friend
We thought they'd never end,
We'd chase nice girls forever and a day;
We lived life as we chose,
Just like a river flows,
For we were young and did things our own way.

We'd walk-up old King's Park,
When it was getting dark,
With hands entwined and chatting on the way;
We'd stop off for a kiss,
And such was harmless bliss,
For we were young and innocent I'd say!

Soon it was time to part
With heavy-laden heart
But with sworn-vows to meet again next day
Upon the way to school
Where heads not hearts would rule
For being wise we acted properly.

With the school bell at four
We boys shot out the door
To soon catch-up whoever was in play;
Then we would make a date,
Or try at any rate ....
For such asks did not always go our way !

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