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A Widda's Willieway 1861 A.D.

(A Widow's Lament)

Lyics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of June, 2011,
to a Russian melody called. '
Kalitka' ('Little Gate')

Bleed rins deep
Ower they feedles faar mony perished;
Dool us fa are lea'd lane,
Murnin guid freens noo gane.
Damn they lairds fa hiv muther'd an brunt oor hooses;
They shid hing, an syne sent tae Hell!

Fit tae dae ?
Noo we're nae ony mair respeckit;
Ging we maun verra seen,
Anse wee tee wull be fell'd.
Come ma bairns fur a better life somewhaur caas ye
Ow'r the sea, tae a lan unkenn'd !

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