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The Biter Bit

Wirdies screeved bi John Henderson oan the 3rd o' June, 2011,
to Josef Meissler's main melody in his 1870s waltz called '
Dream Faces'.

Scots' sangs fae Norlans, wi thur canty tunes,
An doric wirdies, screev'd fur quines an loons;
Thase 'teuk the biscuit', as maist fowks did gree
Tho' fyow fae England, fa said,
"Dearie-me .....
....what a strange language, and such clumsy tunes;
Like many wild wolves howling to their moons;
They must learn English, read and write no Scots;
Our MPs actions will brain-wash their tots."

Sae cam it efter, ilka lad an lass
Wis edicated, in King's Speech 'en masse';
Sae mony-leidit, faar the Scots hiv geen
Tae kwintries wirld-ow'r, they hae caa'd the teen !


English Glossary!
canty=cheery : doric=dialect : wirdies=words : screev'd=written
quines=females : loons=males : fowks=folks : gree=agree
fyow=few : ilka=every : mony-leidit=multi-lingual : geen gone
kwintries=countries : wirld=world : ow'r=over : caa'd=called ; teen=tune

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