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Woe Is Me!

A musical parody of a poem about old-age woes that's going around the Internet .
by John Henderson on the 12th of June, 2011 to a melody from Angus Fitchet's '
Lerwick Waltz'.

Another year has passed me by and now I'm feeling quite old;
All last summer felt too hot, winter much too cold. Oh!
I've searched hard for happy thoughts to rhyme here on my pad,
But most of the things that have come to my mind's-eye have made me sad.

There was a time not long ago when life was mostly a blast,
But I nod now when I'm told, "You live in the past". Oh!
I'd oft go down to the pub and enjoy pints with pals,
But now I go to infirmaries and to funerals!

I used to go to suppers too where I would not get my fill,
Now I get a doggie-bag to re-heat at will. Aggh!
I'd go driving out of town to places near and far,
But now I suffer a sore back or buttock when in my car.

I used to go to buy new clothes down in the mod-supermart,
But now I don't bother to for none makes me look smart.
Yes, my friends 'That is my life', brimming with old-age woes;
It's just as well there are occasional highs amidst all these lows!

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