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The Vexed Lass

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 8th of June, 2011,
to part of Jakob Felix Mendelssohn's '
Song Without Words in D, Opus 109'

Faar is the lass fa aince, I loo'd sae blinly?
Wis it ma faut, I am noo aye lane an dool?
Fit did I dae lang syne, thit caused oor pairtin?
I dinna ken, an doot gif e'er I wull.
She wis sae douce, sae quait bit och sae bonny,
Fyle I wis roch an lood bit nane-the-less a carin lad.
She ran awa ae day, wi'oot retirnin,
Nae wird she gied tae me afore she gaed.
She'd lea'd her fowks, an me fair bleck'd an dowie;
Fit why hud she tae flee awa fan she wis saaf at hame?
Fit hud we deen, nae deen, thit hud sae vexed her?
We didna ken an aye doot gif we wull.

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