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Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 16th of June, 2011
to Adam Geibel's 1896 music for, '
Sleep Kentucky Babe'.

Jasmine you're entrancing in the garden ev'ry day,
Grow, Oh Jasmine grow!
When night comes at eight-fifteen as gloaming drifts away,
Blow, Oh Jasmine blow;
When the moon is shining through the darkness up on high;
Then your scent is splendid though you're hidden from each eye;
When the sun has risen, you escape night's prison,
And reach for the sky.
You're pink, and white,
When in sight you gentle flower, glow on hour by hour,
Bathed, in light;
Do not underestimate respiration's power ......
Breathe, Breathe;
Breathe, Breathe;
Breathe, Breathe;
Breathe, Breathe .... in... your... garden... bower.

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