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Tragic Circumstances

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 24th of July, 2011,
to Carolyn Ayres Turner's 1915 music for her song 'The World Is Hungry For A little Bit of Love'.

Introductory Music

Day by day our strange world spins and circles,
While its peoples' wars rage on and on;
Why all cannot learn to love their neighbours
Is a tragic circumstance that more should scorn.
Peace on earth from caring, and from sharing
Seem the views of life so few adopt;
Selfishness and hate so all pervasive
Bring revengeful legacies so seldom stopped.
So many people 'bull-doze' blindly wildly unkindly,
As time rolls by;
While some others yearn for nought but caring, sharing friendships,
As time rolls by;
Downtrodden hungry, thirsty and lonely,
The stricken fade and die .......
Poor souls forgotten in a world that is so rotten
And here and now I have sadly told you why!

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