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Glasgow's Penny Trams

A nostalgic poem by John Henderson on the 1st of August, 2011.

Long gone are days of penny fares
On Glasgow's trams with spiral stairs;
Each jerky journey, frequent halts
More like a tango than a waltz.

The o'erhead crackles when they spun
Quite sharply at each junction-turn
Made some folks' stomachs grunt or heave
With ev'ry sudden spark or weave.

These iron-horses did not neigh,
But clanged their way by night and day
To distant termini and back
On cobble-centred miles of track.

Such planning never seemed quite right
When people wanted to alight;
The kerb-side almost out of sight
Made nerves jangle, faces white.

No subway access in these days
To well-fenced concrete isles;
Thus getting on and off these trams
Caused more distress than smiles.

Perhaps this danger, more or less,
Called time on Glasgow's trams;
But in the wake of their demise,
We now have traffic jams!

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