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Angus Fitchet

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 15th of September, 2011
to part of the '
Silver Wedding Waltz' composed by Angus Fitchet.

Fan the maumie melody o' this waltz comes dreeftin throw the air,
The dincers aa fair tentily sweel doucely roon the flair;
It's a weel kent teenie o' Angus's, the fiddler o' Dundee;
A mannie sae mony hiv loo'd tae hear syne they wur wee.

Ay the glamour fiddle-in fae his bow cast spells faar e'er he gaed;
Bit nane mair nor his waltzes wull ne'er fae Scots' mem'ries fade.
Sae luft up yer tummlers an toast this loon, "Baach Angus, nane match'd ye .....
A graun fiddler whase meesic we'll wint tae hear oontil we dee."

fan = when; maumie = mellow; dreeftin = drifting; throw = through;
dincers = dancers; fair = quite; tentily = carefully; sweel = swirl;
doucely = quietly; roon = round; flair = floor; weel = well; kent = known;
teenie = short tune; mannie = small man; mony = many; hiv = have; syne = since;
glamour = magic; nor = than; luft = lift; tummlers = glasses; bach = shy;
wint = want; oontil = until; dee = die

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