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Born To Be A Makar

(Born To be A Poet)

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 10th of October, 2011,
to Dick Farrelly's music, for his 1950 song, '
The Isle of Innesfree',
heard here on a midi compiled by Jim Bottorff.

Brief Glossary:
fowks=folks : glaikit=stupid : screeve=write : teen=tune : makar=poet
chiels=people : anse=or : aisy=easy : leid=language

Och there's fowks I ken fa caa me glaikit
Fan I aft screeve sang wirds tae mony'a teen;
Bit I wis shairly born tae be a makar,
Gif nae the best the wirld his ivver seen.

I ainly wint tae mak ye guid chiels happy
As ye sang oot, anse in yer heid insteid;
An gif ye canna oonerstan the wirdies,
Ye can aye hum fur yon's an aisy leid.

But just in case the doric fair bamboozles
I sometimes write the words in English too;
So though this doesn't prove that I'm not stupid,
It might well be a help to more of you!

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