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Oot Faar I Sit

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 2nd of December, 2011,
to Victor Herbert's 1904 music for the song, '
Kiss Me Again'.

gowden=golden; sin=sun; weer=fade; meer=moor
sweertily=lazily; fantly=faintly; bale-fire=bonfire

Gloamin's braw licht
Gowden an bricht
Sin drappin slawly fae sicht
Shaddas thit weer
Ower ilk meer
Till bleck an seelent's the nicht

Bit syne ere lang
Soonds o' a sang
Dreeft upwuth wauk'nin the mune
Sweertily ay
It clims up, up, up in the sky
Fantly sheenin aroon

Starns jyne in seen
Hearin the teen
'Tho licht years fae Airth ilk swings
Wyse ools syne hoot
An mice they scoot
Fyle birds' heids bide ooner wings

Oot faar I sit
Wi bale-fire lit
Ma myn's ee traivels oor wirl
Faar it is morn
Faar nae yit dawn
Till ma heid sterts tae birl !

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