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Christmas and Easter

A new hymn composed by John Henderson on the 10th of December, 2011.
to a Jim Johnston musical arrangement of James Ballantyne's 1858 Scottish song '
Castles In The Air'.

It was a wondrous time for Mary when there amidst the straw
She gave birth and brought the world a babe without a flaw;
Although none then knew the blessing that Mary had been given,
Shepherds soon in fields nearby received this call from heav'n ...
"Unto ev'ryone this ev'ning a Christchild has been born
Who will boldly preach God's Word despite all doubters scorn;
Down in Bethlehem you'll find Him within a stable stall;
Worship Him then tell of Him to comfort one and all."

It was this Son of God called Jesus who showed mankind The Way
From the words and by the deeds He shared with crowds each day;
Although many thought Him Kingly, such never was His goal,
For He knew His role on earth was cleansing ev'ry soul;
All His parables enlightened, He loved from deep within,
Which brought many new believers from those steeped in sin;
But at Calvary foes hung Him upon a cross of shame,
Unaware that he would rise and more believers claim.

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