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Cambusbarron Dreams

Lyrics composed by John Henderson on the 13th of March, 2012,
to the a 1920's song, called '
All By Myself '.

Old Gillies Hill brings back mem'ries
Of days alone with my dreams;
Drifting away with my make-believe in play,
Pointing out the way, where my future lay;
A life with a wife and a fam'ly,
Children of others there too,
Then Cambusbarron's birds would call me gently
Back down to earth-bound reality.

O'er sixty years on I'm certain
Drifting and dreaming's a key
That in time unlocks what oft cruel ill-fortune blocks
So severely for all those who get disheartened by such blows;
My wish for fulfilment in family,
And teaching too these both came my way;
Thus do not shrug off all of your remembered dreams too lightly
For mine came true, yes, undoubtedly!

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